Bare Ground Maintenance

Keep weeds out of driveways, lots, and hardscapes.

What is bare ground?

Any gravel or stone covered area you want to keep free of plants.  You may also wish to eliminate plants prior to landscaping or installing asphalt for driveways or sidewalks.

Can you get the weeds out of my lawn and flower beds?

We currently offer weed control for lawns but not planting beds.  Click here for more info.

What about moss and horsetail?

An additive for moss is included in our standard treatments however, severe infestations of horsetail may require a tailored program to get it under control.  Once under control it is covered under our standard service program.  Your service technician will advise you if a targeted treatment for horsetail is needed.

Is it OK to walk on my lawn after treatment?

Only after the treatment is thoroughly dry (see “What about pets?”).  The materials applied are designed to affect plants before they sprout.  An established lawn or flower bed should not be affected.  However, you should avoid walking on newly seeded lawns or flowerbeds until after they have sprouted.

What about pets?

You and your pets must stay off treated areas until they are thoroughly dry.  In direct sunlight this can be as little as one hour, in shade it can take 8 to 24 hours.

How long does it take to work?

The products begin working immediately but it typically takes 1 to 3 days for visible wilting to occur.  At temperatures below 60 degrees plant metabolism slows down and visible withering may not be obvious for up to 2 weeks.  Even if the plants are still green all growth should stop and some yellowing should be noticeable.

What do I do if I find new plants following the service?

The products we apply are capable of controlling most common weeds and grasses however some plants may be tolerant.  Also, variations in soil composition can effect the performance.  Some soils can bind the materials in place leaving them unavailable to control plants.  After two weeks if you see new growth or the plants haven’t started turning brown you should contact us for an assessment and additional treatment, at no additional cost, if needed.

How long will it last?

We will stand behind the performance of our service for the entire growing season (typically through the end of September).  It should be noted that most applications have demonstrated excellent control through late spring but some grow back can be expected during the winter.

OK, It’s dead. Now what?

With moisture and regular traffic, dead plant material mulches out within a couple months. 

On larger driveways you may wish to have us rake to restore a groomed appearance without applying new gravel.  This is recommended following the initial service and is available at reasonable rates.

For additional information or to schedule a “no obligation” consultation call.


Because service is based on the square footage to be treated it is necessary to have a technician accurately map the areas to be serviced.  We use a sliding rate scale so, as the size of the treated area increases, the cost per square foot decreases.

Services start as early as February and warranted through the end of September.

Call for a “NO – Obligation” estimate.

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