Animals in the attic (Fall)

Time to deal with the attic guests.

If you have had birds, bats or squirrels in the attic, Fall is the time to make those repairs.

Many of us have had birds living in our soffits since early spring.  Once they go south for the winter those openings need to be screened or sealed to prevent their return.

After the first frost we can close openings that have been letting bats in.  Always be sure to leave at least one opening for them to escape.  Draping plastic over the opening at least 18 inches long to create a one way flap can allow them to leave but not return. Once you are sure there are no trapped animals seal the last opening.

Squirrels can be excluded also.  Permanently seal all openings but one.  Seal the last opening with a cover made of strong wire mesh or heavy metal flashing.  Secure it with screws so it can be removed.  Make the repair around mid day when the animal is foraging.  If you hear activity indicating a trapped animal, open the cover for an hour then put it back.  If activity persist, there may be additional openings or call us for assistance.

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