Barbecued what!?

The delicious smells of steaks, hot dogs and burgers are wafting on the warm, afternoon breezes again.

Friends and neighbors are gathering around the grill in anticipation.

Once the carnage ends, don’t forget about the grill.

Friends and neighbors aren’t the only ones attracted to those smells.  Rodents, especially rats and mice, love the flavor of a good barbecue (or even a bad one for that matter).  Bits of meat and barbecue sauce have a lot of nutrition in them and are irresistible.

Unless you want the smell of rodent leavings to accompany your next barbecue you want to be sure to clean the grill immediately after that meal.  On a gas grill you just burn the tailings to ash but wood or charcoal will take a bit of elbow grease.

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