Environmentalists recommend it, the state encourages it, and wildlife can’t resist it.

Composting is an effective way to manage yard waste and food scraps that would otherwise be relegated to the land fill.
A compost pile is more than a pile of rotting garbage.  It is a complex environment filled with living organisms.
Successful composting requires some good practices and regular attention.

Yard waste is easiest to manage but if you include table scraps you have to take some extra steps to avoid attracting wildlife, rodents, and flies.

The trick is to open the pile, add scraps to the middle, and bury them about a foot deep.

If wildlife is persistent or you are composting large amounts of table waste, you may want to include other forms of composting like worm bins with locking covers or “fast” composting.

Washing State University has an excellent publication entitled “Backyard composting” at:

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