Time vs. Value

I started doing pest control in Baltimore in 1982.  

In those days there were no requirements for tracking pesticide use, few credentials needed to stay certified and almost no requirement for liability insurance.  Pest control was just beginning to become a professional, regulated industry.

Back then all the products smelled horrible, the roaches were resistant and the service charges averaged $75 for three months coverage.

Today, every application made to a home is tracked for seven years, technicians receive a minimum of 20 hours training a year and the minimum liability insurance required is $200,000 per occurrence.

Today’s products are almost odorless, new techniques have caught up to roach resistance, and service charges still only average $85 for three months coverage.

With all those changes plus the increased costs of fuel, labor, equipment and just about everything else you have to ask, how it is that the price hasn’t skyrocketed?

The answer is, efficiency.  A well trained technician can provide a maintenance service on the average home in 5 to 8 minutes, sometimes a bit more depending on the application.  This is only possible because of advances in treatment tools, products and training.

Today’s technicians have to produce on average $100 per hour, 40 hours per week, rain or shine in order to earn  25-35 thousand dollars a year.  Days that they can’t work because of weather have to be made up for in efficiency on the jobsite.

There lies the heart of the matter.  When determining the value of pest control services,  performance is the only true measure, not how long it takes.

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