Preventative Services


Quarterly Maintenance

A package of inspection and treatment services designed to prevent pests your home will encounter and detect damaging pests in their earliest stages.

Spiders, Ants*, Sow bugs, Earwigs, Millipedes

Inspection of crawlspace and exterior at  regular intervals to detect wood damaging pests, rodents and the conditions that encourage both.

Free consultation for all your pest questions.

Guaranteed between applications.

Economy Maintenance

2 services performed between March and September.

A minimal treatment service designed to target insect pests during their periods of peak activity.

Spiders, Ants*, Sow bugs, Earwigs, Millipedes

Exterior inspection for pest conditions.

Free consultation for all your pest questions.

Each service backed 90 days.

*Does not include carpenter ants.

Preventive Maintenance Services

A combination of inspections to detect pests that can damage your home and treatments designed to manage the pests you are likely to encounter.

Coverage for spiders, ants, sow bugs, earwigs and millipedes.

Preventive applications to help prevent wood damaging pests including termites, wood boring beetles and carpenter ants.

Regular inspections to detect damaging insect pests, rodents and conditions that contribute to pests damaging your home.

From the very first service your home will be inspected to assure our efforts are on target and you will be provided a written report with observations on contributing environmental conditions around your home.  We also report on maintenance conditions like plumbing leaks and elements built into your home that may contribute to pests.

Finally, application will be made to the exterior of your home to remove established nuisance insect populations.

“Follow up” services are performed at regular intervals depending on your needs (typically 90 days) to maintain against infestation.

Spring, summer and fall services consist of applications made to the exterior foundation and grounds adjacent to the footings.  A combination of materials and techniques are used to target specific  pests during their periods of peak activity.  Applications are focused at ground level for crawling insects in the spring and move to the eaves and soffits as spiders become more active in the fall.

Winter services consist of annual applications of borate dust to the crawlspace areas under your home to protect against crawling insects including termites and wood boring beetles.

Visual inspection of the exterior of your home is performed in conjunction with each service and at three year intervals the crawlspace under your home will be inspected.  When we detect maintenance is needed we will notify you in writing.

Most service is backed for 90 days.

Under this program all consultations are free and many of our other services are discounted.

For a no-obligation meeting to discuss how BEACON Pest Control can develop a program tailored to your needs,

call us today.

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