Spring Shop Talk

BEACON has been getting quite the overhaul this winter.  We’ve reached that awkward stage where the office staff is equal to the service staff.  Fortunately, we can take on at least 8 more service technicians before needing additional office support.  You may encounter new people or you may find your favorite technician has been promoted.  So, here’s the new roster:

Ed Mitchell, that’s me, is still the company president but my primary job aside from acting Presidential will be advertising, market development, and internet presence.

Sheila Mitchell, my boss, is still Vice-president/Secretary and Accountant.  Managing the finances, licensing, insurance, and compliance for a growing company has become a full time job so, many of her scheduling and office management responsibilities have been distributed amongst the other office staff.

John Mitchell joins us as General manager.

Janet Herard is continuing as our Office manager/Receptionist.

Tamra Archey continues as Inside sales and Customer outreach.

John Smith has been promoted to Technical supervisor.

Chris Macasieb, who is going on 2 years with us, is taking over most of John Smith’s role in Outside sales and  service.

Christian Baggaley, Norm Jarvis, and Dan Fode joined us last fall and have spent the winter getting trained and certified.

These are the technicians who are performing the majority of your maintenance services.

In addition to all this internal re-organization we upgraded our service vehicles by adding four new, larger Nissan trucks. And, last but not least, the long awaited office building has been ordered and should be completed by late spring. ■


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