It’s safe to say that most spider injuries are caused by tripping over furniture while trying to run away from them. That’s not to say they can’t bite, just not nearly as often as claimed.

While many species have venom, most spiders are harmless and are crucial in controlling insect populations. They’re like nature’s tiny pest control experts, quietly keeping our homes and gardens free from bugs.

But nobody wants to share a room with them or clean up after them.

The vacuum cleaner is your best first line of defense for the occasional spider.

Outdoors, keeping plants and insect harborage, like leaf litter, away from your home’s foundation will reduce the number of insects available for spiders to eat. Additionally, taking control of light sources around your home can dramatically reduce the number of flying insects attracted to your home and, hence, the number of spiders in your home.


5 Steps to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home​


Every service we provide begins with an inspection. Inspection allows us to accurately identify your pest, determine the scope of the infestation, and prescribe an appropriate treatment program. It also allows us to become familiar with how your home was built. Different materials and construction techniques require different treatment techniques.


Your technician will submit a written report with observations and recommendations that will help prevent future infestations and guide you on steps to get the best performance from your service. Depending on the conditions, your technician will recommend a combination of trapping, baiting, and repairs to keep animals from returning.


Your technician will make an application to the exterior foundation, eaves, door, and window casings. They will also remove accessible webs (within 20 feet of the ground).


We will monitor performance whether you choose to address the immediate infestation or opt for our inclusive Flagship pest prevention to confirm that the program is effective. We back this service for 90 days


Flagship maintenance targets common pests preventively on a three-month cycle. After the initial service, maintenance services run $110.00. Spring, summer, and fall preventive applications are made to the exterior foundation, eaves, door, and window casings. Winter service includes a borate dust application if your home has a crawlspace under it. Your technician will install locked bait boxes against the foundation for rodent management.

Coverage includes spiders, ants, sowbugs, earwigs, millipedes, rodents, wasps, fleas, and carpenter ants (after the initial year).

Your technician will report observations of conditions contributing to pest activity on an ongoing basis, with a complete inspection and written report every three years.

We will perform rodent trapping and wildlife removal at significant discounts.

Free pest consultations are included.